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T H E  C  O  L  L  E  C  T  I  O  N


S P R I N G - S U M M E R  1 8  /  S S 1 8

The SS18 collection is inspired by the them of "Up Up To The Moon".


F A L L - W I N T E R  1 8  /  F W 1 8

The FW18 collection is inspired by the them of "The Rabbit Out Of The Rubik's Cube".

An amazing visual effect being created on the medieval retro atmosphere integrating rabbit embroidery with oriental elements.

The colour coordination of the entire collection is based on an interesting concept of the fundamental black & white tone and minimalism of design, which cleverly constructs its retro style throughout the entire collection.

Along with oriental embroidery and the use of Edwardian lace ruffles with modern silhouette, they bring together a new impact to the entire collection.

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