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Established since 2015, CONNESSE is a women’s ready-to-wear brand of combining oriental elements, styles, modern luxury and traditional craftsmanship. CONNESSE aims at serving fashionable women.

CONNESSE is a collaboration of HK designer, Allan Chiu and Shanghai designer, Hua Yi. In 2002, when the designers first met, they felt that they both shared the similar fashion philosophy & vision; it was also in the same year, the launch of their very first women’s ready-to-wear brand, AcRosier, took success across the China & South-East Asia markets. Then in 2013 & 2014, their collaboration went to the next level by establishing se vetir de acr and CHAPTER À, in respective years.


Allan Chiu’s distinctive vision & interpretation of fashion has earned him applauses & praises from fellow members in the industry; he was the winner of the “International Fashion Editor’s Best Hong Kong Collection Award” and the “CSD Hong Kong Fashion Designer Award”. In 2002-2005, he was the Chief Designer for Italian brand GIADA. Allan is now the Creative Director of CONNESSE, AcRosier, se vetir de acr and CHAPTER A.

Hua Yi, a talented designer born & raised in Shanghai, a city of life & style. Being influenced & nurtured by the Chinese culture and traditional crafts, his designs deeply distribute rich oriental flavours and details.


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